1. What is P7?

Project 7 (P7) is a free resource for students, spiritual leaders and school administrators to utilize for the purpose of starting Bible Clubs on high school and middle school campuses. P7 Clubs are student led and driven and are an opportunity for students to participate in a spiritually inspired, relationship driven, community serving project in their school.

2. What is a Bible Club?

A Bible Club is a faith-based student-led club. Such clubs encourage respect for authority, community service, and healthy relationships and encourage students to study the Holy Bible and practice Christianity.

While Bible Clubs are intended for Christians, they do not discriminate against non-Christians or restrict any respectful person from attending. The clubs are informational in nature and positive and encouraging in practice.

3. What is the School’s Role?

According to the Equal Access Act of 1984 (see below), school’s that allow a limited open forum (non-curriculum related student groups that meet on school premises during non-instructional time) are to give fair opportunity to Bible clubs to have access to a room to meet (provided by the school), provide a non-participatory sponsor, and grant equal access to bulletin boards, PA systems, announcements, yearbook, newspapers, etc. as other limited open forum groups.

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