Good attendance is vital in order to be successful in school. Students are encouraged to be present every day,
all day long. When it becomes necessary for a student to be absent from school, he/she is required to bring a
written note from a parent/guardian or from another official source (doctor, dentist, court, etc.) on the first day
that he/she returns. The note is to be given to the attendance office before 8:00 A.M. Only five (5) days of
parent/guardian notes will be accepted for excused absences. The five (5) days of parent/guardian notes are
an accumulation of absences until the five (5) days are reached. Students should bring the note to the attendance office on the first day he/she returns; however, if the student fails to bring a note within three (3) days, the absence will be considered UNEXCUSED.

If your child will be absent, has been absent, or you have a general attendance question, please contact the attendance office.

Fax 931-967-2875


For additional attendance information, please refer to Board Policy 6.200