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The Business Technology Department at Franklin County High School encompasses the Business Management and Administration Career Cluster and the Finance Career Cluster; with a focus in the Office Management and the Accounting programs of study. These programs of study are coupled with the Future Business Leaders of America Youth organization. The courses currently being taught include:

Accounting I

Accounting II

Business Communications

Business Management

Computer Applications

Advance Computer Applications

Introduction to Business and Marketing

Course content and FBLA promote the idea that every individual should be interested in and take responsibility for promoting better social, political, community, and family life. The word future reminds us that the future of the world depends upon the quality of leadership we are able to produce. In the Business Technology department and through FBLA students become aware of the importance of becoming future leaders. We strive to have students learn to recognize situations in which their individual talents will be useful. The world of business is our world. To be successful in business, a person must be educated both formally and

informally in business methods and procedures and in the basic principles of our economic system and government.

Students from Franklin County High School have received state honors in the following subjects which qualified then for Nationals:


Business Communications

Business Law

Electronic Career Portfolio

Hospitality Management

Who’s Who in Middle Tennessee FBLA

Word Processing

Web Design


The future of America depends upon this generation. We should pledge ourselves to use any abilities endowed to us to make America a better place for everyone.