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9th Grade Chromebook Handbook


            9th Grade


 1.  Mission Statement and Goal Statement of the Franklin County School Board:

The Mission of the Franklin County School System is to provide students the opportunity to achieve their potential in an environment conducive to optimal learning.

Franklin County School Board Goal for Technology:

Goal:  Integrate relevant technology into instruction and management to increase student and teacher learning, enhance efficiency and prepare both students and teachers for the future.

Objective:  To convert from textbooks that will provide optimal learning experience for the students in the district.


2.  Franklin County Schools District 1:1 Handbook

This handbook has been developed for students and families involved in Franklin County School's  1:1 initiative, which will assign Chromebook computing devices to students.  This is part of the Franklin County School Board's goal to initiate e-learning in the Franklin County School District.  This e-learning initiative will allow access to  textbooks and related materials through the use of  technology.  The district will loan a Chromebook, thumb drive, case and other accessories  to each student for the duration of the school year as determined by school principals.  The student is expected to maintain the device and use it as required by the Franklin County Board of Education and the teachers to improve learning opportunities and experiences. The following pages outline the district's expectations for safe and effective use of the Chromebooks through this initiative.      


3.  Ownership 

The Chromebook is the property of the Franklin County Schools (FCS).  FCS retains sole right of possession of the Chromebook and grants permission to the student to use the Chromebook according to the guidelines set forth in this document. Moreover, FCS administrative staff retains the rights to collect and/or inspect the Chromebook at any time, including via electronic remote access in order to alter, add or delete installed software or hardware.   A student who is actively enrolled in and who physically attends grade 9 or 10 in the Franklin County Schools qualifies for participation in the 1:1 Chromebook initiative.  In order to possess and use the borrowed device, the student must comply at all times with the expectations of the Student/Parent 1:1 Chromebook Initiative Handbook and the district's Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP), which is contained in Board Policy 4.406.  The legal title to the borrowed device belongs to the FCS and shall at all times remain as such.  A student's right of possession and use of the borrowed device is limited to, and conditioned upon, the student's full and complete compliance with the expectations detailed in the Student/Parent 1:1 Handbook and the district's AUP.  Because the borrowed device is the property of the FCS, it is subject to monitoring of use and search of contents at any time. There is no expectation of privacy in use or data stored on a district-owned device.



4.  Loss, Theft or Damage 

The student/parent/guardian agrees to assume full responsibility for the safety, security, and care of the borrowed property.  In the case of loss or theft occurring at school, the student must report the incident to a Principal or Assistant Principal within one school day of the occurrence.  In the case of loss or theft occurring away from school, the student must report the incident to the law enforcement officials of jurisdiction within 24 hours of occurrence and then provide documentation of the aforementioned law enforcement report to a Principal or Assistant Principal.  Failing to report loss or theft in the manner described here will result in the missing property being categorized as lost rather than stolen and the student/parent/guardian will assume full responsibility for the loss of the device and the corresponding financial obligation for the replacement costs of the lost property.  Replacement cost of chromebook device is $275; replacement cost of power cord is $50; replacement of case is $25: replacement of flash drive is $10.


5.  Terms of Agreement 

A user's right to use and possess the borrowed property terminates no later than the last day of the school year unless earlier terminated by the FCS for noncompliance, terminated upon withdrawal from active enrollment in the FCS, or terminated due to a change in schedule/attendance arrangement that no longer results in the user physically attending grade 9 or 10 at FCS.


6.  Chromebook Device Use and Policies for Students

A.  Student use in Classroom:

 Students will be required to take their Chromebook to each class each day.   Teachers will be designing their lessons and classroom activities based on students' having access to their Chromebook. The Chromebook must be kept in the school issued carrying bag at all times when it is not being used.  Students are responsible for charging the Chromebook each night so that it is ready to be used at school each day.


 B. Student Access to Internet and Monitoring:

 At school, students will have access to the Internet through the FCS network. When not at school, students may access the Internet using the district Chromebook if they have Internet access available to them in their home or other locations. FCS will not provide students with Internet access outside of school.   Students may access the Internet on their Chromebook at any time outside of school.  As with any other Internet-enabled device, FCS recommends that parents/legal guardians monitor their student's time and activities on the Internet.  Students should understand that their parent's/guardian's rules about Internet usage outside of school are applicable even when the student is using their Chromebook.   There is no expectation of privacy while using the Chromebook, networks, or technology.  The Chromebook is the property of FCS, and FCS may request to examine the Chromebook at any time.  The District's Acceptable Usage Policy (Policy 4.406) defines appropriate use of FCS technology, including the Chromebook, and defines "inappropriate matter."  Students who access inappropriate sites, or are accessing sites during the school day that are not related to a class they are attending, will be subject to disciplinary action.   If prohibited or inappropriate web sites or content are accessed by accident, the student should immediately leave the site and report the incident to a teacher or school official.  The Chromebook is for school use.  Inappropriate use outside of school is prohibited and chromebooks will be confiscated.


C. Charging of Chromebooks:

 It is the student's responsibility to electrically charge the Chromebook each night at home and bring the device to school fully charged.  It is expected that during a normal school day, a fully charged Chromebook can be used the entire day.   Students should establish a routine at home for the charging of the Chromebook so that it can charge overnight.   It is the student's responsibility to maintain the power adapter and cable.    


D.  Property Rights: 

Users must respect the intellectual property of others by crediting sources and following all copyright laws. Users may not download or install software.  All software loaded on FCS's hardware is the property of FCS and may not be copied or transmitted to any outside party.  No student may copy, download from the Internet, or install apps onto a District Chromebook or otherwise use any software in violation of applicable copyrights and license agreements.         


E.  Downloading programs and personalizing the Chromebook:   

Only Technology Department staff may download, install, or remove apps onto the student-issued Chromebook.   Stickers and other markings on the outside of the Chromebook or Chromebook case will not be allowed.  No personalization is allowed.  Students are to keep the Chromebook in its school issued protective case at all times when not in use. Students are responsible for maintaining the case and using it for the protection of the Chromebook. Some students may choose to purchase a plastic snap-on skin.  This is a snap-on device and does not alter the outside of the Chromebook.


F.   General Care/Handling/Use:  

The general rule for care and handling is to "Treat this equipment with as much care as if it were your own property."  Students are responsible for all aspects of the borrowed Chromebook.  Do not remove or interfere with the serial number or any identification placed on the Chromebook.  Keep the equipment clean.   Close the lid of the Chromebook when it is not in use in order to save battery life and protect the screen.   NEVER walk from one location to another with an open Chromebook.  Do not hold the device by the corner of the screen.  This is applicable at school and at home.  The student is responsible for all media, Internet usage,  file creations, file deletion, file sharing, file storage, and other actions that involve all software or applications accessed via his or her assigned Chromebook.  Do not allow other individuals to use the Chromebook assigned to you.  Students must keep their assigned Chromebook with them at all times.  If a student allows someone else to use his or her Chromebook, that student is still responsible for any activity, use or damage that occurs.


8.  Other Chromebook Policies  

A: Your Chromebook is to be used only for creation of, storage of, access to, and consumption of school-related and school-appropriate content. This includes assignments, projects and homework; in other words SCHOOL WORK.  Do not access, store, create, consume, or share unauthorized or inappropriate content on your Chromebook or thumb drive.    Make sure the surface of your device is not altered or defaced. Do not decorate your assigned device or remove labels, stickers, or tags from the Chromebook or accessories that are affixed by school district personnel.   Only FCS Technology Department personnel are authorized to troubleshoot, diagnose, or repair your borrowed device.   The Chromebook and other equipment must be stored in a safe place.  Do not leave the Chromebook on the floor where it might be stepped on, or leave within reach of small children or pets. Do not leave it in a car or anywhere it might be exposed to extreme temperatures, hot or cold.    Chromebooks left in bags in unattended classrooms or other areas are considered "unattended" and will be confiscated by staff as a protection against theft. If confiscated, the student will receive a warning before the Chromebook is returned.  If the Chromebook is confiscated a second time, the student may be required to get a parent signature acknowledging financial responsibility before its return, along with other  appropriate consequences. Unattended and unlocked equipment, if stolen - including at school - will be the student's responsibility.


B: If on an athletic team, never leave the Chromebook on a school bus, in the gym, in a locker room, on a playing field, or in other areas where it could be damaged or stolen.  Communicate with appropriate coaching staff or club sponsor to secure storage of the Chromebook at school related activities, performances, sporting events, etc.  Avoid storing the Chromebook in a vehicle other than in a locked trunk. The locked trunk of a car would be an acceptable storage place as long as it is not excessively hot or cold.    Keep the Chromebook powered off and in a protective carrying case  when not in use.   Do not hold, lift, or suspend the Chromebook in the air solely by the screen/display.    Make sure to power the Chromebook completely off before placing it into a protective carrying case.   Handle the Chromebook with caution, even when in the protective carrying case.   The student is responsible for making sure not to share or switch the Chromebook, its power charger, or other accessories with other users. 


C:  It is a student's responsibility to maintain the Chromebook at all times.  If the student's Chromebook is not working properly, the student should first talk to the teacher in the class to determine if minor troubleshooting will take care of the problem.  If the problem persists, the student may be issued a different Chromebook to use on a temporary basis.   Do not attempt to remove or change software on the computer or the physical structure of the computer.  Do not add personalization to the device or the case.


D. Do not allow anyone else to use your Chromebook. Loss or damage that occurs when anyone else is using it will be your responsibility. Only one user per assigned Chromebook.


E. Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth when cleaning the Chromebook. Never use any cleaning products, other than a dry soft cloth on the Chromebook.  Computer screens show fingerprints and smudges easily, so be sure to follow proper cleaning procedures to keep your screen looking new.



9) Chromebook Identification  

 Records--The school district will maintain an inventory of all Chromebooks and accessories that includes the serial number, asset label ID, student name, and student ID number for each device.  Students will be responsible for all Chromebook materials assigned to them.
































Franklin County Schools

Chromebook Care and Use


General Handling

The Chromebook is a computer and must be handled with care. There are things you can do to make the Chromebook last longer and offer you a trouble-free and rewarding learning experience.     



One of the best features of the Chromebook is the fact that it is portable. It enables you to take your homework and information wherever you go. When transporting the Chromebook, there are a few simple things you can do to protect it.

  • Do not throw the Chromebook.
  • Keep the Chromebook in its protective case at all times.
  • Keep the Chromebook dry, and protect it from rain and snow and any liquid.
  • Do not eat or drink near the Chromebook .
  • Close the lid of the Chromebook before carrying it from one location to another. This

            ensures all mechanical and moving parts are not damaged during transit.

  • Close the Chromebook carefully-from the center of the screen---do not slam it shut.
  • Do not use the Chromebook as a folder to store papers.
  • Do not insert things, especially metal objects, into the openings of the Chromebook.
  • At the end of each day the Chromebook must be plugged in so that the battery is fully

           charged for the next day.



  • Wipe surfaces lightly with a clean, soft cloth.
  • To keep the screen clean, do not touch the screen with your fingers.


Power Cable

  • Power Cable should be lined up straight with the connector when inserting and removing.
  • Be careful not to jerk / pull / twist your Chromebook around when the cables are attached.


Wireless Internet

  • Your Chromebook is a wireless only device.
  • A wireless network is required to use the device
  • There are free wireless "Hot Spots" in Franklin County including the public library.







 Franklin County Schools

Student/Parent Chromebook Responsibilities


Parent Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

Your student has been issued a Chromebook computer to  improve and personalize e-learning opportunities for her/his education.  It is required that these responsibilities are followed to ensure the safe, efficient, and ethical operation of this  device.

I refers to the parent.


●       I  will supervise my student's use of the Chrome book at home.


●      I will supervise my student's use of the Internet.


●      I will report to the school any problems with the Chromebook and will not attempt to repair the Chromebook.


●      I will make sure that my student charges the Chromebook battery nightly.


●      I will make sure my student brings the Chromebook to school every day.


●      I understand that if my student comes to school without the Chromebook, I may be called to bring it to school.


●      I agree to make sure that the Chromebook is returned to the school when requested and upon my student's withdrawal from the District.


●      I am financially responsible for any physical damage to the Chromebook.



Your Chromebook is an important e-learning tool and is for educational purposes only.  In order to take your Chromebook home each day, you are required to accept the following responsibilities.

I refers to the student.


●      When using the Chromebook at home, at school, and anywhere else, I will follow the policies of the District and abide by all local, state, and federal laws.


●      I will treat the Chromebook with care.


●      The Chromebook is my responsibility and will stay in my possession at all times.


●      I will not modify software on the Chromebook.


●      I will not release personal information to strangers when using the Chrome book.


●      I will bring the Chromebook to school every day.


●      I will keep all accounts and passwords assigned to me secure and will not share these with any other students.


●      I will recharge the Chromebook battery each night.


●      I will return the Chromebook when requested and upon my withdrawal from the District.


●      I will leave the Chromebook in a protective case.


●      I am financially responsible for any physical damage to the Chromebook.






Please Print:

Student Name:


Last                                                                First                                                    Middle


Student ID:  _________________________________  Date of Birth: _______________________


Parent or Guardian Name:


Last                                                                First                                                    Middle


Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone #: __________________ Work#:  ________________ Cell#: __________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________________________________________


Franklin County School Property Tag#:  _________________________________

Serial Number of the Chromebook ______________________________________


Upon our signing of this agreement, the student acknowledges receipt and possession of a working Chromebook computer, case,  flash drive, and power cord.  We have read and understand the Franklin County Schools One to One Chromebook E-Learning Policy.  This policy is incorporated by reference into this agreement.  We promise to abide by this policy and understand that receipt of a Franklin County Schools Chromebook is a privilege that may be forfeited by noncompliance with the policy.  We understand that we will be responsible for any costs or damage to or replacement of the Chromebook issued, and that if we fail to return the Chromebook, legal action may be taken.



 Student Signature                                                                           Date



Parent or Guardian Signature                                                       Date


This form must be completed before a DEVICE will be provided to your student.



___________________________________________    ____________________________________

                          Student Name                                                          Math Teacher Name