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Welcome Back!  Let's have a great school year 


Course Outline Economics 2016-17

Mr. Larry Helton, Room S110


This course is required for graduation!

The topics covered in this ½-credit course will include:


  • A definition of “economics”

  • Free enterprise

  • Supply & demand theory

  • Competition

  • Economic Systems

  • Economic changes and cycles

  • Globalization

  • Insurance

  • Business basics


You will need the following items each class period:

Notebook and a pencil or pen (blue or black ink)

Grades will be determined as follows:

Tests, projects,


Daily grades (class work, quizzes, etc.) 


Make-up work will be handled as follows:.  If you miss a class,  it will be your responsibility to pick up your make-up work on the day you return to class.

The classroom rules are as follows:

  1. Do not deface desks, walls, or any other furniture or equipment in any way, including marking.

  2. Do not touch the in-class phone or air conditioner controls, EVER.

  3. Do not sit at or walk behind my desk or take anything off of it for any reason.

  4. The stated policies regarding cell phones, iPods, dress code, absences and tardies WILL be followed.

  5. First block:  During the Pledge of Allegiance you are expected to stand, face the flag, and show due respect. (If your religion prohibits standing during this time, please see me privately.)

Parent Communication

I do not have a planning period, but if you need to communicate with me feel free to email me and I will be glad to make arrangements to call or meet with you.

E-mail address:


My class website can be accessed through the FC Schools website or the FCHS website.