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English IV Syllabus

2015 – 2016

Lisa Sprengel  FCHS S211



English IV is a course in communications, literature, and composition designed to prepare the student for college, vocational training, and/or the job market. Students will participate in a career research project, actively engage in class/group activities and discussions, deliver oral presentations and prepare documents for college and the career world. Students will also read and analyze various works of British literature. Composition and reading are strong elements in this course. Students will write several major compositions throughout the term.  


By the end of the course, students should be knowledgeable in communications, composition, critical thinking, research methods, and familiar with different literary genres as well as British writers.  Students will achieve these goals through a variety of methods such as reading, note taking, classroom discussions, group work, research, quizzes, major comprehensive exams, projects, and oral presentations.


Syllabus for English IV – Standard

I.  Composition

Writing will be done several times during each grading period. Each completed essay will count as a class grade. A grading rubric will be provided.


II. Literature

     Each student will be required to read the following pieces of literature:

  • Beowulf- the Beowulf poet translated by Burton Raffel

  • Canterbury Tales- Geoffrey Chaucer

  • Macbeth- William Shakespeare

  • Lord of the Flies- William Golding

Additional literature to be read this semester:

  • Renaissance poetry, Victorian Poetry, Contemporary Poetry

  • Various pieces of Non-Fiction (historical documents, speeches, letters, essays)


III. Grammar

Grammar, usage, and mechanics lessons will be incorporated in essay writing.


IV. Vocabulary

Vocabulary will come from literature selections and other sources read in class.


V. Projects

This year students will have access to Chrome books during certain times in the English classroom. Some projects will be completed using Chrorne books in the classroom. Those projects will be determined as the semester progresses. Using the Chrome books is a PRIVILEGE not a RIGHT and students will have this PRIVILEGE revoked by the teacher if students use the devices in a non-academic way or in a way that is not approved by Franklin County High School. These Chrome books are NOT personal devices; they are a class set and will be used by multiple users. They are NOT to be used as a personal device.


VI. College and Career

The college and career unit will be a main focus this semester. Students will fill out applications (college and career), write college entrance essays, make resumes, and write cover letters. Students will be required to conduct research, take notes, write a 3-5 page research paper, and participate in a mock interview sponsored by the Winchester Chamber of Commerce. Participation in the mock interview is required to receive full credit for the project.


VII. Assessments

Students will be required to keep a notebook of handouts, notes, and completed class work. Notebook checks may be announced or unannounced and will count as a quiz or test grade.


VIII. Final Exam

This class will follow the exam exemption policy found in the student handbook.


IX. Make-up and failure intervention

1. Assignments will be posted on the classroom website. Make up assignments can also be found in a folder in the classroom. It is YOUR responsibility to complete all make-up work in a timely manner.

2. Students are given the opportunity to make up work or to get extra help by attending Academic Saturday School, school make-up sessions in the library, or after school tutoring with a teacher or Sewanee student (based on availability).

3. If needed, grades may be scaled for students who have met certain criteria.  

     a.  Student has demonstrated a genuine weakness in the subject.

     b.  Student is doing his or her best but cannot do some of the more difficult work.

     c.  Student has handed in all work and has made a diligent effort to do all work.

     d.  Student has excellent attendance ( no more than three absences )

     e.  Student demonstrates growth on assessments and writing.

     f.  Special needs or recommendation from guidance or administration.


  • Oral and written praise for diligent work and positive behavior

  • Reward cards for good behavior and building relationships at FC

  • Extra credit opportunities

  • Phone calls home


X. Classroom Expectations

Students are expected to follow all classroom rules and procedures. These will be provided and discussed at

the beginning of the semester. All students will contribute to a safe and productive learning environment. Failure to follow classroom rules will result in the following consequences:

First offense: Verbal warning

Second offense: Definitions

Third offense: Write-offs

Fourth offense: Office referral

Egregious offenses may result in immediate office referral/contact at the discretion of the teacher.


Supply List:

  • 1 inch  3 ring binder with interior pockets  & 4 dividers with tabs

  • Loose Leaf Paper-college rule

  • Black ink pens

  • Pencils

  • Colored pencils

  • Highlighter

  • 3x5 and 4x6 white, lined index cards

  • Post it notes

Binder Sections:  1. Bell Work 2. Literature 3. College and Career 4. Research 5. Completed Work