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Accounting I   


Accounting Syllabus & Competencies

In each of the following chapters, each student will complete the vocabulary, the ethics situation, working together problems, on your own problems, application problems, mastery problems, a test review, then a chapter test. 

Week 1-Syllabus, Get to know you activites, FBLA, and Safety Test

Week 2-Starting a Proprietorship: Changes That Affect the Accounting Equation 
(Chapter 1)

Week 3-Analyzing Transactions into Debit and Credit Parts (Chapter 2)

Week 4 & 5-Journalizing Transactions (Chapter 3)

Week 5 & 6-Posting to a General Ledger (Chapter 4)

Week 7-Cash Control System (Chapter 5)

Week 8-Reinforcement Activity 1 Part A

Week 9-Worksheet for a Service Business (Chapter 6)

Week 10-Financial Statements for a Proprietorship (Chapter 7)

Week 11-Recording Adjusting and Closing Entries for a Service Business (Chapter 8)

Week 12 Reinforcement Activity 1-Part B

Week 13 & 14-Journalizing Purchases and Cash Payments (Chapter 9)

Week 15-Journalizing Sales and Cash Receipts Using Special Journals (Chapter 10)

Week 16-Posting to General and Subsidiary Ledgers (Chapter 11)
Week 17-Payroll (Chapter 12)

Week 18-Final Exam (Workbook DUE)

Computer Applications  


Computer Applications Syllabus & Competencies

In this course the student will complete assignments on their classroom desktop. These lessons will be completed using Microsoft Office including Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word. All work is completed during class time and arrangements will be made for excessive absences. 

Week 1-Syllabus/Competencies, Get to know you activities, FBLA, and Safety Test

Week 2 & 3-Proofreader Marks Pg. 23 & 32, Communication & Math Skills pg. 73 & 45, Office features 1 pg. 38-40, and Office Features 2 pg. 77-59

Week 4 & 5-Learn to format Memos and Personal Business Letter (Lessons 24-28), Design letterhead, and Compose a Complaint Letter

Week 6, 7, & 8-Office Features 3 pg. 82-85, Office Features 4 pg. 95-98, Design Tables (Lessons 35-38)

Week 9, 10, 11, & 12- Excel/Access, Learn Spreadsheets and Databases (Lessons 93-98, & Lessons 104-111)

Week 13 & 15- Mail Merge (Lessons 119-121) & Computer Trends Research using MLA formatting (Lesson 88)

Week 15-Pulisher, Learn Flyers, Calendars, Cards, Newsletters, and/or Brochures (Lessons 101-103 & Lessons 137-138)

Week 16 & 17-Power Point, Learn how to design presentations (Lessons 39-43), Design a power point over themselves

Week 18-Review/Complete Final Exam

Financial Planning   


Financial Planning Syllabus & Competencies

In each of the following chapters, each student will complete the vocabulary, take chapter notes, complete worksheets and projects related to each chapter, complete questions at the end of each section in each chapter, and then take a chapter test. 

Week 1-Syllabus, Get to know you activities, FBLA, and Safety Test

Week 2 & 3-Personal Financial Planning (Chapter 10)

  • Financial Decisions and Goals
  • Opportunity Costs and Strategies

Week 3 & 4-Finances and Career Planning (Chapter 11)

Week 5 & 6- Money Management Strategies (Chapter 12)

  • Organizing Financial Records
  • Personal Financial Statements
  • Budgeting for Financial Goals
  • Project on a Financial Leader & Ethics

Week 7 & 8-Consumer Purchasing and Protection (Chapter 13)

  • Consumer Purchasing
  • Resolving Consumer Complaints (Write a Complaint Letter in Proper format)
  • Project on Consumer Research

Week 9, 10 & 11-Banking (Chapter 14)

  • Financial Services and Institutions
  • Savings Plans and Payment Methods
  • Balance a checkbook
  • Begin Regions Bank Book-Supplemental Materials

Week 12, 13, & 14-Consumer Credit (Chapter 15)

  • What is Consumer Credit?
  • The Cost and Methods of Obtaining Credit
  • Protecting Your Credit
  • Managing Your Debt
  • Regions Book-Analyze Loan Applications

Week 15-The Finances of Housing (Chapter16)

  • Housing Options
  • Renting a Residence
  • Buying and Selling a Home

Week 16-Investing Financial Resources (Chapters 17-20)

  • Saving and Investing
  • Stocks
  • Bonds and Mutual Funds
  • Real Estate and Other Investments

Week 17-Planning Your Tax Strategy (Chapter 21)

  • Income Tax Fundamentals
  • Preparing an Income Tax Return
  • Tax Assistance and Strategies

Week 17 & 18-Insurance, Retirement, & Estate Planning (Chapters 22-24)

  • Home and Motor Vehicle Insurance (Auto Web quest Project)
  • Health, Disability, and Life Insurance
  • Retirement and Estate Planning
  • Final Exam