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Discovery Lab, a STEM Opportunity for Juniors and Seniors, Accepting Applications -- Deadline Feb. 24th
Posted On:
Friday, February 15, 2019
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To learn more, see the full article and watch the attached YouTube video.

Discovery Lab - Global (DLG), a nonprofit entrepreneurial STEM lab, is offering your 11th and 12th grade high school students a no-cost, hands-on summer STEM project experience from among the following high demand, advanced technology areas below to help your students explore STEM careers and to strengthen their future college applications:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)           - e.g. for search & rescue 
  • Cyber Security                          - e.g. to protect from cyber-stalking, 
  • Telepresence Robotics               - e.g. for distance STEM mentoring
  • Wearable Tech                          - e.g. for quality of life for the elderly, 
  • Creating 3D Virtual Worlds         - e.g. Mission to Mars,  
  • 3D Printed Drone Engineering     - e.g. for emergency medical service delivery
  • and more

This unique summer opportunity is spare-time / flex-time to accommodate a student's other summer commitments; e.g. family vacation, summer jobs, etc.


There is a hard deadline of Feb 24, 2019 for interested students to apply.  

 To watch a YouTube video about Discovery Lab, click this link:

Information on our organization, our program, and our projects can be found on our website 


Any student -- even in the remotest regions of your state -- with access to a computer connected to the internet will have a unique opportunity to gain experience with technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Wearable Technologies, 3D Printed Drone Engineering, or Telepresence Robotics, and much more. 


The experience is designed to help a student better define their STEM career goals and to further strengthen their resumes for future college applications.

No prior experience is needed as this is a project-based experiential learning opportunity. It is spare-time / flex-time to allow the students to work around their other summer commitments - e.g. family vacations, summer jobs, etc. 


Students will be able to participate from home this summer as an avatar inside our 3D virtual research campus that we call Deep HoriXons (DHX). The project-based learning experience is designed to help accelerate a student's technical and professional development to help students better define their career goals and to strengthen their resume for college applications.


To apply, go to 

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