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Thursday, March 26, 2020
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Students and Parents

FCHS will have staff in the office to answer the phone beginning Friday, March 27.  You may call 967-2821 between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. or send an email to FCHS@FCSTN.NET if you have questions. 

FCHS prom has been postponed.  The tentative date for prom is now Saturday, May 9th.  This is a fluid situation and therefore subject to change.

Report Cards –Please check Skyward for your 3rd quarter grades.  Report cards will not be sent home.  If you want a report card mailed home, please send an email to with the name or names of the FCHS students needing report cards mailed. 

Any student who needs to contact a school counselor may email his/her grade level counselor or call the school to request a call from the counselor.

 Each teacher will have instructional materials available for students through April 24.  Some teachers are providing the material at 2-week intervals (March 30 – April 9 and April 13 – 24).  Most of the instructional materials will be provided online; however, if you do not have internet access, learning packets will be available for pickup next week.

Please call the FCHS office at 967-2821 or send an email to FCHS@FCSTN.NET if you need a learning packet.  We will hand out the packets from 10:00 – 12:00 p.m. on Monday, March 30 and Tuesday, March 31.  We will also hand packets out on, Monday, April 13, and Tuesday, April 14.  If you are not able to come at these times, please provide us with a time you are available on Monday or Tuesday.  Also, when receiving a packet, it would be helpful for you to put the student’s name on a piece of paper and hold that paper up for us to see who you are getting the packets for.

You may return the packets to school on Monday, April 13, Tuesday, April 14, Thursday, April 23, or Friday, April 24.

Students, it is very important that you check your school email frequently and stay in contact with your teachers. 

Students, if you are not passing a class, it is very important that you contact your teacher(s) and take advantage of these opportunities.

We are doing everything possible to make sure each FCHS student has access to instructional materials and will be able to receive earned credit. 

I urge you to monitor the FCHS web page and Facebook for information and updates.

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