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Congratulations to the FCHS Swim Team on their 109-52 win over Tullahoma
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Sunday, November 11, 2018
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Congratulations to the swim team on their 109-52 win over Tullahoma High School on Thursday, December 13th. Top three finishes include:
Girls 200-yard medley relay
1st place--Marilee Crabtree, Elizabeth Collins, Ashley Slayton, Caitlyn Slayton
2nd place--Mackenzie Snyder, Masha Bystritskii, Dillen Priest, Cayleigh O'Connor
Boys 200-yard medley relay
1st place--Trip Rigsby, Travis Snyder, David Brandon, Will Hanger
Girls 200-yard freestyle
2nd place--Cayleigh O'Connor
3rd place--Victoria Gamez
Boys 200-yard freestyle
1st place--Trip Rigsby
Girls 200-yard IM
1st place--Ashley Slayton
Girls 50-yard freestyle
1st place--Caitlyn Slayton
2nd place--Elizabeth Collins
Boys 50-yard freestyle
2nd place--David Brandon
Boys 100-yard butterfly
1st place--Trip Rigsby
Girls 100-yard freestyle
1st place--Elizabeth Collins
3rd place--Macey Krauth
Boys 100-yard freestyle
2nd place--David Brandon
Girls 200-yard freestyle relay
1st place--Elizabeth Collins, Anna-Grace Smith, Caitlyn Slayton, Ashley Slayton
Boys 200-yard freestyle relay
1st place--David Brandon, Silas Earle, Trip Rigsby, Will Hanger
Girls 100-yard backstroke
1st place--Ashley Slayton
Girls 100-yard breaststroke
1st place--Masha Bystritskii
2nd place--Anna-Grace Smith
3rd place--Marilee Crabtree
Boys 400-yard freestyle relay
2nd place--Jack Dennis, Tadeo Ordonez, Cory Baker, Luke Hindman


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