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The swim team defeated SAS on Tuesday, November 8. For individual results, click full article.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2016
The swim team defeated St. Andrews-Sewanee on Tuesday, November 8. Individual results are:
Girls' 200-yard medley relay
1st place--Ashley Slayton, Chloe Brandon, Courtney Hanger, Emma Gilliam
3rd place--Madelyn Jones, Jessie Prince, Bailey McClain, Emma Curtis
Boys' 200-yard medley relay
1st place--David Brando, Cameron Smith, Christian Snead, Garrett Shaw
Boys' 200-year freestyle
1st place--Cameron Smiwth
2nd place--Austin Scharber
Girls' 200-yard IM
1st place--Ashley Slayton
3rd place--Jessie Prince
Boys' 200-yard IM
1st place--Drake Shulll
Girls' 50-yard freestyle
1st place--Chloe Brandon
2nd place--Jordan Wilkinson
3rd place--Elizabeth Collins
Boys' 50-yard freestyle
1st place--David Brandon
3rd place--Derek Howard
Girls' 100-yard butterfly
2nd place--Courtney Hanger
Boys' 100-yard butterfly
1st place--Christian Snead
Girls' 100-yard freestyle
1st place--Chloe Brandon
2nd place--Emma Gilliam
Boys' 100-yard freestyle
1st place--Drake Shull
2nd place--Travis Snyder
Girls' 500-yard freestyle
3rd place---Elizabeth Collins
Boys' 500-yard freestyle
1st place--Christian Snead
Girls' 200-yard freestyle relay
1st place--Ashley Slayton, Elizabeth Collins, Courtney Hanger, Chloe Brandon
2nd place--Madelyn Jones, Emma Curtis, Jordan Wilkinson, Abigail McAbee
Boys' 200-yard freestyle relay
1st place--Cameron Smith, David Brandon, Drake Shull, Christian Snead
Girls' 100-yard backstroke
3rd place--Jessie Prince
Boys' 100-yard backstroke
1st place--Austin Scharber
2nd place--Garrett Shaw
Girls' 100-yard breaststroke
1st place--Ashley Slayton
3rd place--Courtney Hanger
Boys' 100-yard breaststroke
1st place--David Brandon
2nd place--Cameron Smith
Girls' 400-yard freestyle relay
1st place--Elizabeth Collins, Emma Gilliam, Abigail McAbee, Jessie Prince
Boys' 400-yard freestyle relay
1st place--Travis Snyder, Derek Howard, Jackson Ashby, Austin Scharber
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