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π Geometry π

TeacherMelissa Brooks           Room: S-234     Email:

Please take the time to read the information on this syllabus. STUDENTS and PARENTS are required to sign below. By signing this document, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand my expectations and requirements for this class.  Returning this signed syllabus will be the student’s first grade worth 100 points. Signatures will be checked, and then this paper will be returned to you for future reference. Feel free to email me with questions or concerns at any time.  I am also available to take calls or have meetings between 11:30 – 1:00. If you are unavailable during this time we can discuss other options. 

Parent: ____________________________________________                    Student: _________________________________________            

Supply List

1.       Pencils

2.       Colored Pencils  (red, blue, green, and yellow)

3.       Dividers with tabs for binder (8)

4.       Notebook paper

5.       3 Ring Binder (at least 1 inches)


Each assignment will be given a point value.  The percentage of correct answers will determine grade.                                        A= 93-100            B= 85-92               C=75-84               D= 70-74              F= Below 70.                                         

BE PREPARED and PARTICIPATE IN CLASS EVERY DAY. These will be included in the student’s grade.

Classroom Expectations

1.       Be on time.  Go to the bathroom BEFORE class begins.  You will not go during class time.

2.       Check the back board to see what you will need for that day (computer, headphones, calculators, and etc.)

3.       Bring supplies. This includes a SHARPENED PENCIL!  If you don’t have one, borrow one from a classmate

4.       Be in your assigned seat before the bell rings.

5.       Remain quiet during attendance, pledge, and announcements.

6.       Stay in your seat during instruction. This is not the time to visit the trash can, sharpen pencils, & etc.

7.       Limit conversation to asking questions and participating in class discussions during instruction. 

8.       Before leaving: Return computers, headphones, and any other classroom supplies to the appropriate area.

9.       Before Leaving: Clean up around your desk and return the desk to its original position.

10.   Food and drinks are allowed.  However, this is a privilege that will be taken away if it disrupts instruction or student work.  Also, it is the student’s responsibility to clean up after themselves.

* Disrespect of teachers or other students, use of inappropriate language/gestures (ex: prejudicial, sexual, bullying, cursing, and etc), and actions that result in the disruption of the class, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

ALL FCHS Rules and Regulations will be followed including:

Cell Phones:  Cell phones should NOT be SEEN, HEARD, or USED at any time.  They WILL be taken up and given to an administrator.  This is not negotiable.

Dress Code:Please make sure you are following the FCHS dress code.  All dress code violations will result in an administrative referral. Remember: No facial piercings are allowed.        

Computer/Calculator Use: You will be assigned a computer and a calculator. You are responsible for your assigned equipment during your class time.  Computers are ONLY FOR ASSIGNMENTS. All other FCHS computer use rules apply.  

Make-up Work:  See Student Handbook          State Standards for Geometry